Trips and impressions22 Mar 2010 10:21 pm

B.B. King! When would I imagine such a pleasure? After tomorrow I´ll be watching him, listening to him and his guitar, Lucille.

84 years old!

The third best guitar player in the world!

15 Grammy Awards!

And more, much more.

All right, all right, he´s the king!

But having this opportunity makes me think about a lot of things. Not only how lucky I am for being able to attend his concert, but many other things that have to do with a person´s love for what she/he does, that age means nothing when you know what you want from life, and how much time and energy we waste just trying to please others and adapting to other people´s expectation. I truly believe that when there is respect for one self and one´s beliefs, everything changes. I don´t think life gets easier or that we can stop suffering, but there is a delightful feeling of self-satisfaction that no one else knows. Only people who are brave enough to take a deep look inside, open up for the new, fall down and stand up again know how delicious it is to take a look back and see that every little step meant a lot. I had already said that fear is not my friend. Of course, as time passes we begin to be a bit more cautions, or maybe, just a little “picky”. The thing is: I don´t care, never cared about what other people thought about my choices. Some were stupid. Others useless, but they all tell a story of inner search and fearless encounters with myself. I don´t deny some disappointment at times, a wish to give up and take the easy road (whatever that means!). A therapist once told me I think too much. I can´t do it differently! I can´t just live without thinking and reflecting and trying to understand why I am where I am. Sometimes I just know I have to go or stay. Sometimes it is just an impulse. But most of the time, I am what I think; I am what I listen to, the blues, the jazz…that´s the soundtrack of my endless search. Thanks for these amazing people who did what they had to do, who are who they are. The famous and the anonymous.

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